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Psalm 67 – The Menorah Psalm


Psalm 67 is recited by Sepharidic Jews in the Shaharit prayers (morning prayers) before Baruch Sheamar.

The simple reading of this Psalm as it is in the diagram in the form of a Menorah (sample diagram shown above) has a very great, strong spiritual protective effect. It is said that the person will find grace and goodness in the eyes of G-d and man.

Everyone who recites this Psalm 67 seven times, before they are about to go on a journey, it is assured that they will go in peace and prosper.


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Pitum HaKetoret – Incense Offering

It is a segulah (spiritual remedy) for Parnasa (Livelihood) to read the Pitum HaKetoret (Incense Offering) every morning. Reading the Pitum HaKetoret also removes negativity from our lives, gives us protection along with opening channels for success.

After saying the Shema Israel (Deut 6:4), read the Pitum HaKetoret.

The Pitum HaKetoret consists of the following portions:

  1. Meditation to Ketoret
  2. Ketoret – Exodus 30:34-36
  3. Words of the Sages
  4. Prayer for Salvation – Three Verses from Psalms (each verse read 3 times)
    – Psalm 46 verse 12
    – Psalm 84 verse 13
    – Psalm 20 verse 10
  5. AhTah ShehTehr

In the youtube video below, you can hear the Pitum HaKetoret being read, its transliteration and also its transalation.

A detailed explanation of the Incense Offering can be found at:


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The Vihi Noam Prayer

(The last verse from Psalm 90, followed by the full Psalm 91)

It is great protection for the whole year to say the Vihi Noam Prayer seven times after lighting the Channukah candles every night.

Write this prayer upon clean parchment and conceal it behind the door of your house, and you will be secure from all evil accidents.

This is a Prayer through which all distress, danger and suffering may be turned aside.

Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria has assured us that in general emergency or in a time of a serious disease which is spreading fast and killing people, the Vihi Noam prayer should be prayed seven times daily. And after praying the Vihi Noam prayer seven times, read Exodus chapter 12 Verses 21-28.

P.S. compiled from several authentic Jewish sources like The Sixth and Seventh book of Moses, The Book of Psalms, etc.

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